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Formal Recognition of Soutsos, Brookes and Zappas

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) must formally recognise Panagiotis Soutsos and Dr William Penny Brookes as founders of the modern Olympic Movement and Evangelis Zappas as founder of the modern Olympic Games since great institutions cannot stand on false foundations. The IOC must stop misleading the world by promoting Baron Pierre de Coubertin as the founder of the modern Olympic Games and of the modern Olympic Movement. The Baron cannot be legitimately credited as a founder of either without crediting founding predecessors.

Formal Recognition of Athens 1870, Athens 1875, and Athens 1906 Olympics

The Olympics held in the Panathenaic stadium in 1870 and 1875 that have yet to be formally recognised by the IOC, must be formally recognised by the IOC. The Games held at the Paris Exposition in 1900 (without a stadium), the St Louis World Fair in 1904 and the Franco-British Exhibition in London in 1908 were side-shows. It is a farce that they are recognised as Olympics, by the IOC, when Olympics were held, at the Panathenaic stadium, in Athens in 1870, 1875, 1896, and 1906. That same stadium, the only Olympic stadium of the 19th century, hosted events for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Neither Paris nor St. Louis came under the auspices of the IOC but Athens 1906 did and was formally recognised as the IOC's second Olympic Games until the IOC retroactively revised its own history.

Formal Recognition of Athens 1859 and London 1866 Olympics

The Athens 1870 and Athens 1875 Olympics are direct descendents of the Athens 1859 Olympics. The London 1866 Olympics has roots in the Athens 1859 Olympics. The Athens 1896 Olympics has roots in both the Athens 1859 Olympics and the London 1866 Olympics. Evangelis Zappas, funded the 1859, 1870, and 1875 Olympics including the refurbishment of the Panathenaic stadium and the building of the Zappeion. The Zappas family part-funded Athens 1896. How can Evangelis Zappas be reasonably excluded as a founder of the modern Olympic Games? Dr William Penny Brookes was the driving force behind the London 1866 Olympic Games which was the first event to be held outside of Greece to resemble an Olympic Games in modern times. Moreover, by what right does the IOC use the name 'Olympic' when it denies its own Olympic provenance and evolution?

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